This is a Chinese UTAU voice database in CVVC sheet.

  • Included Scales: E3, A3, E4
  • Suitable range: E2~F5
  • Character Voice: Shinne Tatsu


【Shinne Tatsu CVVCHN three scales voice database released】First Storm【UTAU furry】

Voice database infomation

  • Included scales: E3, A3, E4
  • Suitable range: E2~F5
  • Voice actor: Shinne Tatsu

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Main voice database

Fursona of this voice database


Shinne Tatsu_Light_1.0
Painter: 龍潇恆宸

Text fursona

  • Full name: Shinne Tatsu
  • Gender: Male ♂
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: November 12
  • Rase: Loong
  • Theme color: #7EAEF8
  • Pupil color: Golden
  • Carry: Headphone, Wristband
  • Power: Electric energy storage and release
  • Character: Approachable. Will be cute when familiar with you.Sometimes tsundere, a little blue?

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